One Secret to Make Your Perfect Resume

By Zipline Careers Team • March 12, 2018

If you’re ever lost trying to describe your accomplishments in the workplace, this trick will be a lifesaver.  Build your sentences with this formula and your resume will be polished, smart and make clear to hiring managers and recruiters what you’ve accomplished.

Action Verb + Task Accomplished = Results

Formula breakdown:  A Financial Analyst

Forecasted (Action Verb) + firm’s monthly capital expenses and presented results to CFO, (Task Accomplished) = leading to a 52% reduction in spending errors for 2018. (Result)

Check out these additional examples:

A Human Resources Manager

Coordinated new applicant tracking software rollout with engineering team towards decreasing application workload by 80%.


A Marketing Director

Directed 10 employees in re-design of company website and social media platforms. Improvements led to increased customer retention year-over-year by 26%.


A Sales Representative

Engaged clients in Spanish and German, while contributing to a multi-lingual sales division that exceeded yearly sales goals by $107,000.

The most important thing is what you and your team accomplished.  Describe your successes in real terms with percentages, numbers and the value you provided to your employer. Companies want to see cold hard facts that demonstrate how you’ll be useful to meeting their future goals.

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