Use this Question Checklist in Your Next Job Interview

By Zipline Career Team • May 27, 2018
Are you struggling to decide if a job you’re interviewing for is even worth your time? This checklist is great because it forces company representatives to answer questions they’re generally not ready for and gets you more honest responses, albeit sometimes uncomfortable ones.

  • Ask! No one can read your mind.
  • Be confident. You need the information.
  • If they ask “Why?” say, “I need this information to gather how I can be helpful and understand my role here.”
  1. Ask to See Where You’d Be Working

This is your chance to size up if you’ll be in a closet in the basement or something a little nicer.  Plus, you’ll get to scope out the kind of equipment, facilities and general feel of your potential future employer.  Don’t get suckered into working somewhere unclean, without proper amenities, or sunlight!

  1. Ask to Meet Your Potential Colleagues and Supervisors (if you haven’t already).

It’s good to see who everyone is when you’re checking out a possible new job.  It’s okay to be a little judgmental.  Are the people friendly, or too busy to speak with you?  Being able to size up their willingness to spend time around you will help demonstrate if you’re on the right path.

  1. Ask What the Compensation, Salary, and or other benefits are for the position.

Seriously, don’t worry about asking. Just get over it. You need to know what you’re getting and double check even if you’ve seen it listed in a job posting. If your interviewer uses a line like, “We want candidates to be invested in our culture, not money.” Then very politely, run away.

  1. Ask About the Opportunities to Grow, Learn and Take on More Responsibility.

It’s really important to know what the company sees as a successful path in your position. Is it static? Or are there opportunities for educational re-imbursement, valuable outside trainings and certifications, or promotions?  Be wary of answers claiming increased responsibility without concrete new benefits, pay or real prestige.

  1. Ask About the Background of the Last Person in this Position and Where they’ve moved on to.

It’s critical to know about the trend line of the last candidate.  What were their real accomplishments and what did that translate into for the company and their next job.  Also, it gives you a background about who the company likes to hire.  This includes their values, education and personality.

If you politely yet confidently ask these questions and get vague, hostile or disingenuous answers, you know you’ve got a problem.  You’re really looking to see if people can give you straightforward and honest answers.  If they deflect or say something like, “We can discuss this when you’re hired.” Or the like, that’s not a willing and engaging partner who’ll ever give you any respect.

Go out there and crush it!


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