#SkillsYouShouldLearn:A 5-Point Framework to Productivity Success

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By Zipline Careers Team • October 25, 2018

In this week’s #SkillsYouShouldLearn were going to cover the all-important – time management.

No matter your background or skill-set, you can benefit from personalized time management strategies.

Yet between working, family commitments and having a social life, it can be extremely difficult to get ahead with your responsibilities and errands.

So where do you begin?

Most importantly, it’s important to realize a critical component to being great at time management isn’t the time you spend managing yourself or activities. Instead, it’s your ability to commit.

Your ability to commit to various actions, scheduled work, and most importantly – deadlines, will determine how much you can start achieving today.    

Let’s begin with a 5-point framework to get you off to the races.

1.   Create To-Do Lists with Hard Deadlines
Be your own drill sergeant and create deadlines that are reasonable but absolutely mandatory. To further amplify your productivity, order your goals by priority level.  Choosing a 1-10 scale (1 being the goal needs to be completed today), color coordination, or another custom rubric will help you prioritize and accomplish like a boss.
2.   Set Designated Times for Social Media and Email
For many of us, checking our social media feeds or email can turn into a time warp that you’ll be lucky to emerge from. By setting selected intervals to let yourself get lost in organizing your email or laughing at memes can help you be more productive and less stressed.  Try and pick several spots in the day that you can give yourself a space to check your feeds.
3.   Complete Your Most Important Activities on Your Best Days
Sometimes it’s just not your day. Whether you’re tired, hungry or running late, sometimes it’s best to skip activities that are extremely critical to complete, but can wait until another day.  By giving yourself a second shot at redoing an important test, work project or other activity, you can ensure you do your absolute best without regret.
4.   Stop Multi-Tasking
Binge-watching your favorite show while doing your taxes isn’t the best idea.  Eliminating distractions will help you do one task at a high level, rather than poorly doing several tasks simultaneously. Give yourself ample time to complete your goals so you don’t make mistakes in a rush, and have to re-do work and end up losing more time.
5.   Learn When to Say “No” and Stop Working
It’s extremely important to commit to giving yourself a break.  Not all activities and projects will fit with your overarching goals.  Being confident and knowing your worth will help organize your activities in a way that will benefit you in the long-term.

If you can commit to this 5-point framework, you can see immediate gains in your productivity.  Keep in mind your end goals and strongest skills when organizing your time.  Not every activity is worth your time or helpful towards your ultimate successes. 

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