3 Ways Our Cover Letters

Build Your Career Reputation

By Zipline Careers Team • May 6, 2018

A cover letter is hard.  Almost every job requires a cover letter and each employer expects to be wowed by your writing skills, job experience and passion for the job.

But you have a life and responsibilities. No one wants to write a cover letter, especially for multiple jobs, no matter how cool a company or job seems. This is where Zipline Careers steps in.
How we help:

1. We Make your Cover Letter from Scratch. Ever time.

To get the best results, you need a custom cover letter every time you apply to a position, even within the same company. Unlike other resume writing firms that copy and paste information, Zipline Careers creates all our products from the ground up. We like to see customers get real results and use our service repeatedly.

2. We Tailor Your Cover Letter to Your Specific Job and the Company’s Ethos. 

Every company and hiring manager expects a different sentiment, language and demeanor for you to follow to get the job. Zipline Careers constantly keeps up with companies of all sizes to be aware of trends, requirements and hidden tips to get your cover letter read and get you more interviews.

3. We Symbiotically Blend Your History and Career Goals into a Perfect Cover Letter

We make sure your cover letter highlights your skills, career history and what goals you want to accomplish going forward. Simultaneously, our writers have the nuance to ensure your abilities are boldly specified, without exaggerating your accomplishments or arrogantly turning off your potential new employer.

No matter what, Zipline Careers is here to help.  Nothing is better that an awesome job offer and we love being part of the success process.

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