Why You Need a Personal Brand to Achieve Your Potential

By Zipline Careers Team • July 12, 2018

In an ever-evolving workplace landscape, it’s critical that you know how to demonstrate your value in a coherent and persuasive manner. Consequently, being able to constantly enhance and express your personal brand is a must in achieving your career goals.

Check out these blueprints to see what we mean.

1.  It helps you connect on an emotional and professional level.

Having a clear and defined personal brand is key to bonding with interviewers, future co-workers and industry associates.  Additionally, it places you in a clear role when professional associates have a problem or project that needs solving and are looking for a teammate who fits the bill. When faced with this problem, it allows those professionals around you to reach out and know exactly what skills to expect.

Without having a clear personal brand that is easily articulated, you’ll risk interviewers and professional associates asking the dreaded question, “What do they really do?” And if you have to ask this question, you already know the answer is “Nothing.” Not only with this ruin potential professional opportunities, it makes it difficult to re-connect with professional acquaintances even if you do create a flawless personal brand later.  Your first impression will have been cemented as “the person with no skills” if they even remember you at all.

2. It gives you a coherent strategy to succeed.

 Once you know what your professional profile and brand is, you’ll have a clear path to impressing in a professional setting. You’ll be able to clearly articulate the value of your vision, skills and background in the future success of your employer and your personal ability in the job. Moreover, your ability to articulate your brand provides you a level of personal confidence and leverage that allows for you to more easily negotiate higher compensation, ideal personal projects and workplace perks.

Conversely, almost all of us have been in the position where in some professional setting or another, we couldn’t easily promote our skills and value.  Whether it was your first job or the one you have now, it’s often an overwhelming and awkward experience.  When you can’t set forth why you’re valuable you’re rarely ever going to get professional associates to reach out, hire you or (unfortunately) even respect you.

3.   It places you in a community to network and grow.

Having a professional community to develop your skills, seek mentors and network is invaluable.  But you can only immerse yourself properly with these groups when you have defined some clear personal brand principles and goals for yourself. Once you have established these aims it’s easier to find the opportunities you’re looking for.  Also, it’s a simpler process for others to identify the professional assistance and individuals they are seeking. This is important because, in your specific professional community, this individual is much more likely to include you!

Not having this community, runs a multi-fold risk.  First, you’re left without a critical support system that could strengthen your professional skill-set.  Second, it is extremely difficult for others to identify where you belong in the professional world.  As a result, hiring managers and other professionals don’t have a way to categorize your background and how you are able to contribute.  Unfortunately, this often leads to snap judgments about you lacking professional competence or ability.

If you haven’t developed your personal brand, now is the time to start.  Even if you already have a grounding in what your brand is, you can always develop new professional pathways, support groups and useful professional proficiency.

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