Infograph: Age discrimination in U.S. hiring

By Zipline Careers Team • August 12, 2019

Whether young or old, age discrimination is an enormous problem for applicants in every industry. In the case of the former, younger workers are often dismissed as not having enough practical experience or still in the never-ending process of “paying their dues” in the companies or industries that they work within. Despite having incredible tech skills and the capacity for growth like any other group, they are often dismissed amongst a bevy of younger applicants.

For older generations, credible decision-making skills and decades of experience are often thrown away because of a lack of “fit” with company culture, product trends and general fear the independent streak of experienced workers. Let’s dive into some data about ageism in the workplace to understand some of the larger trends at work in our modern economy. Knowing some of the biggest hurdles you can face in the hiring process can help alleviate your job-hunting stresses and help you figure out which company or team is really looking at you seriously.   


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