5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Job Interview Jitters

By Zipline Career Team • May 13, 2018
Everybody gets nervous before job interviews. Even successful people have to figure how to ease anxiety with interviews, jobs and clients.  It’s okay, things happen and everybody has bad days. Here is how not to be nervous.
  1. Exercise & Stretch Beforehand

Rule #1: Don’t go to the interview smelling like a foot! You could exercise a lot the day before, or just go for a run the day of.  Even doing some stretches 15 minutes before in you interview clothes will help you feel like a million bucks. Plus, you won’t awkwardly trip over your own foot because you were binge watching something amazing and haven’t moved in hours.

  1. Talk to Yourself & Others Before the Interview

It sounds crazy but talking to yourself actually has benefits.  Telling yourself, “I can do this.” Will actually calm you down.  But if that’s too weird, get yourself in a good groove before your interview.  For example, grab lunch or a cup of coffee and be extremely polite to your waiter while exchanging pleasantries (“How’s your day?” Etc.).  Think of it as a test run for meeting your interviewer.

  1. Use Your Anxiety as Fuel

If your anxiety makes you feel like you should run out the door and scream, just convert it into excitement.  Because panicking or laughing like a maniac on the lam never helped anyone. But, being a bit talkative and smiling won’t hurt.  So, let yourself channel the anxiousness into control. If all else fails, think about something funny, like the size of your interviewer’s giant beer belly.

  1. Realize Everybody Gets Anxious

If you let yourself acknowledge that you’re just feeling anxiety, which is completely normal, it’s a lot easier to get over it.  Recognize it and move on to completing the task at hand.  Plus, your interviewers were probably anxious before they got the job they have now; interviewing you.  Remember that you can answer at your own pace. That means you can pause before your answer, ask a question to stall for time, or any other trick that helps.

  1. Just Say “Screw It!”

Seriously, there are lots of opportunities in life, and you never know where they’ll lead.  If this job doesn’t work, something even better could turn up.  It’s all a gamble.  And sometimes interviewers aren’t even invested in your answers, and it can be relieving to know sometimes people don’t care too much and you can still get the job.  You want to impress, but don’t base your whole identity on getting this job.

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